We provide the highest quality immigration services in a proactive and cost-effective manner, and ensures compliance with the laws and regulations. We have extensive experience in the whole range of immigration, asylum and nationality work.

We are able to provide total immigration services in any city in Spain.

Whether our clients require assistance with the preparation and filing of applications for business visitor visas, work and residence permits, entry clearances, entry visas, passports, visa assistance at a consular post in Spain, opening a branch office in Spain, or any other kind of Spanish immigration assistance, Vernet Immigration Services & Attorney is able to provide timely and professional assistance for each phase of corporate immigration in Spain.

The company's services have been put together in order to maximize the time, energy and financial resources of our clients, thus allowing them to concentrate on having their expatriate personnel start working as soon as possible without stress or unnecessary challenges.


EU citizens


Citizens of European Union member states who wish to stay or reside in Spain for longer than three months are required to apply for a certificate of registration or a European Union Citizen Family Member Card.


The EU regime also applies to EU citizens’ family members, irrespective of nationality, who accompany or join them.


  • The spouse, unless there exists an agreement or declaration of marriage annulment, divorce or legal separation.
  • The Partner, with whom the EU citizen forms a union equivalent to marriage, registered in a public register.
  • The direct descendants and those of the spouse or registered partner under the age of 21, or dependent descendants over the age of 21, as well as disabled descendants.
  • Dependent direct relatives in the ascending line.





Foreign national not residing in Spain


Temporary residence and salaried work


The initial temporary residence and salaried work permit allows foreign nationals residing outside Spain, who were granted the corresponding visa, to engage in salaried professional activities. The temporary permit is issued for a maximum period of one year and may be limited to a specific geographic area or employment sector.


The procedure must be initiated by the entrepreneur or employer interested in hiring a foreign worker who is not in an irregular situation in Spain.


The entrepreneur or legally authorised representative must personally apply for the residence and salaried work permit with the register of the corresponding competent organisation in the province where the employment will take place.


Once the application has been granted, the foreign worker must register with the Social Security Administration within one month after entering the country. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the permit.

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